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  How to install fonts ?  

1) Go to the Windows 95/98/2000/XP Desktop. Double click on the "My Computer" icon. Double click on the "Control Panel" icon. Double click the "Fonts" icon. You should now be able to view all the fonts installed on your PC.

2) Click on "File" or <Alt-F>and when the popdown appears select "Install New Fonts" or "Add fonts". The fonts are placed by default in the unzipped folder. If they're not, you should search until you find the folder into which you unzipped the fonts. For the final step Double click on the font you wish to install. Click on the OK button to install the font. You can also make multiple selections and click on any given checkbox you may want to set differently than the default.

If you try to install fonts already installed, you will be presented with a warning window telling you that you cannot install the font unless you first un-install it. Simply press the <OK> button there.


Free Web Graphics and Stuff
  Version 7.0
Font View is a little utility for viewing and trying out all the installed fonts on your pc. You can change the font size and colour for a test phrase in the currently selected font.
This program is freeware so enjoy!!!
  Henry Jones handwriting
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  Diary dingbats
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  German Wehrmacht
Rudolf Weiß
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  Sanskrit Download
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