Indiana Jones and the last Crusade How to make your diary
    by Cipricius
    Thanks to Marc Kitter


  I created a digital diary with the graphics included in Microsoft Publisher based on the text version
of Marc Kitter.
Then I used the printed file as a guide to complete my digital diary.

Remember to install the Hewnry Jones typeface on your computer to see the diary in a handwritten style
(see font section)

Download (pages 1-50)

Download (pages 51 - 100)

Download (pages 101-150)

Download (pages 151-181)

  The first 10 pages are available to download to give you an idea. Download
( 83,8 Kb)
  This method is less complicated and suitable for less experienced or first time diary makers
  I used a blank diary or dummy book A5 size
(14,8 x 21 cm) (width 5 3/4" x height 8 1/4")
  Separate the paper block from the cover and all pages
Often the paper blocks are available in specialized paper shops
To complete the diary you should have 144 leaves
  Age your paper as descripted in the FAQ section  
  Print the diary images  
  To transfer the images to the diary pages I used carbon paper and retrace the images with a marker (2 step copy)
  To save time I also use a lightbox , place the image on the surface
  Cover this with the diary page , trace the image with a marker (1 step copy)
  Ádjust the size of the pages to 6 1/4" x 3 15/16"
  Put the pages in the right sequence
  Now make sure that you stack the pages straight, and put them under pressure. I use two pieces of wood and two G clamps with the stack inbetween but make sure that you can still get to work with the back of the book
  Cut the mesh fabric or gauze for holding the pages together at the back
  The pages will be glued , the disadvantage is that when you use the diary , pages can loosen  
  To prevent this the back has to be reinforced  
  Divide the back in 5 sections
Use a marker to draw a line at 1"and 2" from each side
  Cut the paper on the lines about 0.2" using a dremel tool or metal saw  
  Use thin rope to tie the pages and apply glue  
  Glue the gauze or mesh fabric to the back of the book.strong PVA or White carpenter-glue will do fine.  
  Cut the cardboard. for the front and back covers these should messure 6 1/2" x 4 1/16"  
  Glue the cardboard to the book, using the front and back pages. Makesure It´s evenly glued Then keep the book under pressure for a 24 hours  
  Make the cover  
  You can use endpaper inside the cover with a time period design to complete the diary

Download (705 Kb)