Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  
    Grail Cup TUTORIAL
    How to make your own Grail Cup
by Cipricius





  Introduction I tried to find an easy to follow procedure make a Grail Cup.
Not everybody is able to sculpt one.
All the materials are easy to obtain at local shops.


  Materials Air hardening clay 18 ounces (Terra)


    PVC tube
    Gold leaf paint (Plasti-kote Gold leaf B 31)
    Waterbased paint various colours
    Plywood thickness 0.2 inch
  The Grail prop measurements
3.1 x 3.1 x 4.24 inch
  I started with an icebowl with the measurements 3.1 x 3.1 x 3.1 inch
  To adjust the height i cut the bowl with a highspeed carving tool
  Take a PVC tube length about 1 inch and diameter 1.13 inch and glue this between the pieces and let dry for 24 hours
  Cover the cup with the clay with a thickness of 0.2 inch.
Use two pieces of plywood of the same thickness , place the clay in between and use a bottle and roll out the clay to the desired thickness
  The cup should be stored in an airtight plastic bag to keep the clay from hardening and to be able to continue working the next day
  Let dry for 48 hours and apply a groundcoat to the inside of the bowl,this will improve the result of the goldleaf paint
  Paint the gold details on the outside
  I used earth tone colors in different shades for the outside of the cup
  For the base terra color i used some clay and applied some water wtih a wet brush dissolving the clay
  Now add small amount of color (black , red , purple) to obtain the shades you like and paint the cup
  After drying the colors will have a lighter shade. Corrections are easily made with a wet brush to dilute the paint
  When finished let dry 24 hours and apply a topcoat (dull or gloss) to protect the surface against moisture
  If you have no cup of an estimate size to start with just build the cup piece by piece
  1. Use a bowl of the right size and cover it with cling film
Apply the clay and let dry , seperate the clay from the bowl
  2. Cover the PVC tube with clay and let dry  
  3. Assemble all pieces and continue as above